Pepe, Daisy and Mt. Egmont

Pepe, Daisy and Mt. Egmont

Holly Hill Farm is nestled in the rolling countryside in Taranaki approximately halfway between Mt. Egmont and the sea. Many of the paddocks have some steep slopes which the alpacas seem to love as they originally came from the Peruvian mountains.


This is a small selection of the products I make from the natural coloured alpaca fibre. The rest can be found on the products page. Shipping details can be found on the contact page.

The Herd


I have eighteen alpacas. These cover just about the complete colour range going from white and fawn to chocolate brown through to black.


They are shorn once a year and I card the fibre and then spin or felt it to make into hand-knotted rugs or hand-knitted or felted products.

Wiltshire sheep

I also have Wiltshire sheep on the property. These sheep are self-shedders so do not have to be shorn. They clean up the longer grass on the property because alpacas tend to eat the shorter grasses. They also like the alpaca pellets when I feed them.